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150+ Latin, Western, European

About Letterboard

Creatives understand the compulsion to make something of worth. And each creative person has a toolbox they grab from often. Letterboard Lite is the narrow geometric sans that can headline or support whatever project is next on your list — the one unfussy tool you’ll use time and again.

With its geometric shapes, Letterboard is a ground-floor sans that stabilizes the foundation upon which everything else will be built. It cements the context unobtrusively without begging to be acknowledged.

Pair Letterboard with any script typeface and it will highlight that script’s qualities, whether capricious or elegant. Pair it with a serif or slab serif for an obvious change of tone: With a modern slab, trends will be respected, but it will act more coy with an old-school chunky slab. Letterboard’s geometry is easily subsumed as a partner to a range of serifs, from classics to the latest releases. These qualities and its narrowness make it easy for Letterboard to be used as a large display font in headlines or branding applications.

Letterboard comes with 270 characters necessary for setting over 150 Latin-based languages: A–Z with diacritics, lining numerals, and the most common punctuation and symbols.


Special Thanks

Art Direction by Rebeca Anaya, Illustrations by Dann Torres, Consulting and copy by Josh Farmer, Produced by David Silva.